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Ain Sukhna

At 55 kilometers south of Suez, discover the famous town of Ain Sukhna. Marked by the Arabic meaning of the name it was assigned, "hot spring", Ain Sukhna is actually near the sulfur hot springs nearby. The origin of these hot springs just Gebel Ataka, the famous mountain is located north-east of Ain Sukna, in the desert. Not far from Cairo, the discovery of this city is an ideal option for a day trip travel. Ain Sukhna is a resort that weekend is becoming more popular especially because of its beautiful beaches, coral reefs, fishing and water sports that passengers can enjoy. The beautiful city remains the closest beach resort from Cairo, where we found more, the best hotels on the Red Sea. To get to this destination trip, you can opt for an airplane flight direct to Cairo and then go by bus or rental car to your destination. Otherwise, there are also some international flights make the trip to El Ein El Sokhna and. Do not hesitate to seek advice from a travel agent for more information.
Getting to Ain Sukhna

Meet at Ain Sukhna with buses or taxis from Suez service. Otherwise you can travel on private transport from Cairo.

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Aïn Sukhna - Travel in Egypt

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