The city of Alexandria - Egypt


Alexandria is a city steeped in history. Unlike many other cities of Egypt and arabic world, travelers should exercise much imagination in Alexandria to see what could be the ancient city. The Library and the Lighthouse are surely the monuments that made Alexandria a famous city. Although these two elements are part of a very ancient history, many attractions are still very present and can remember the glorious history of this city of North Egypt. Alexandria is also the cradle of many civilisation. Despite this, some historic sites in Alexandria did not change.

History of Alexandria:


Alexandria is named after its founder, Alexander the Great who built in 331avant JC, a port city on the Mediterranean Sea trying to open the Greek world. A story says that Homer appeared to Alexander the Great in a dream and reportedly led to found a city bearing his name. Following this dream, Alexander the Great has hired an army of architects to work on this task.

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Alexandria, city of Egypt

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Two years after that night, Alexander the Great died without ever seeing his city. Then Ptolemy continued the wishes of Alexander The Great. Latter that will make Alexandria a real Egyptian city, adding the magnificent Sphinx and obelisks. At that time, Alexandria was then nothing to envy other major cities like Rome or Athens. In 319 BC, Alexandria is designated as the capital of Egypt. She becomes the center of science and culture. During this same wealthy period, Alexandria developped a major trading hub because of its port. From the third century BC, famous monuments like the Great Library or the Lighthouse is built.

Picture of Alexandria, city along the Meditarean Sea in Egypt

The city is teeming with ancient tourist attractions as well as with historical interest, specifically the ruins left over from the city while the more modern landmarks like the Montazah Palace provide an insight into more recent eras. If you are bored with touring ancient sites as well as monuments then the Corniche provides respite and the ideal setting to have a stroll. Innumerable beaches as well as waterfront attractions stretch along the coast and see to it that you can cool off in the Mediterranean, the ideal way to end a long and tiring day sightseeing. Let us now take a look at the main tourist attractions of Alexandria-



Qaitbey Fort- Anfushi, Alexandria, Egypt- the place is set on an island and is well connected to the mainland by Alexander the Great. The the Qaitbey Fort is rests on the site of Ptolemy II's legendary lighthouse, constructed in 238 BC and is considered to be one amongst the Seven Ancient Wonder of the World. However, the lighthouse was reduced to debris when an earthquake struck this city in the fourteenth century.

Beaches - Alexandria, Egypt- In addition to the historical riches of this place, most people love the idea of enjoying the stunning Mediterranean beaches that are in line with the coast. The beaches stretch in a downtown direction and visitors can select to explore the coast at their own leisure hours. Some of the well known places to bathe as well as enjoy water sports include the eastern resorts of Hannoville or Agami, the western vacation resorts of Sidi Barram, Ras el-Hikma, and Sallum as well as the upmarket Montazah beach.


Corniche - Alexandria, Egypt- this is believed to be one amongst the best places where you will get a chance to watch the sun set over the Mediterranean Sea, the Corniche is said to be a seaside promenade which stretches the length of the city and is consistently bustling with activity. The noticeably European feel together with the cosmopolitan character of the seafront allows you feel at ease. Some of the popular things that will catch your glimpse out here include- flower and food vendors, families strolling or couples having a gala time enjoying the sunset as well as other sightseeing views.


Kom el Shokafa Catacombs – you can see here fascinating second century AD funeral sculptures and friezes in the eerie Kom el Shokafa Catacombs. It was introduced in the 1900 and the catacombs are believed to be one amongst the largest known Roman burial grounds in Egypt and have an overall depth of three floors. With tons of chambers, this is believed to be one amongst the most visited tourist attractions in Alexandria and visitors may walk around the tombs unsupervised.


The cafes of Alexandria: the cafes of this city are known for their vast rooms that are further hung with old fashioned paintings as well as large tarnished mirrors as well as grand terraces facing the sea, Alexandria’s cafes are a trademark of the Mediterranean city.  When the wind blows excessive strongly, they go inside and start infinite games of dominoes or backgammon.


Alexandria Underwater Archaeology Museum: This massive amphibious museum that is due to open to the general public between 2012 and 2013 underlines the important archaeological explorations carried out in the Bay of Alexandria in the last two decades.


Ras al-Tin Palace: towards the west of the fortress is where one amongst the most important events in the history of modern Egypt took place. This is the same places where Farouk signed his abdication papers thereby bringing an end to the monarchy. Along nearby beaches lie small boatyards where craftsmen create luxury wooden boats for rich Gulf emirs using little in the way of tools.


This city is a popular tourist destination in Egypt with multitudes of historical sites as well as landmarks. It is truye that Alexandria is devoid of the cosmopolitan flavor of Cairo yet this city sizzles with some of the best nightlife destinations of Egypt. It may be that this city is unable to boast of excessive choices when it comes to night life but then it can certainly provide some of the really happening places for enjoying a typical dark Egyptian night.


Bars as well as pubs in Alexandria, Egypt offer a remarkable blend of eclectic music as well as delightful décor. Havana is believed to be the best bar in this city and it has a picture perfect ambiance. Monty’s bar is said to be a popular nightlife destination that derived its name after Field Marshal Montgomery. It specializes in serving remarkable cocktails, snacks and long drinks. Caesar palace is yet another destination that serves remarkable regional cuisines and has made a mark for itself for its rocking club goers. This place is extremely well known so as to arrange live entertainment for its guests that primarily folkloric shows. If you are one of those who are willing to shake their legs with their favorite tunes can also try out Orientique Discotheque. There is also a well armed Casino for entertaining the foreign guests and it chiefly includes American roulette, Black Jack as well as slot machines, together with free drinks to players. The Al-Fouad Bar in El-Salamlek Palace Hotel in Alexandria is yet another exclusive nightlife option for those who are willing to enjoy the tranquil ambiance. The piano music at the background makes the ambience relaxing and remarkable service in the bar makes it very appealing to club goers. The Al-Fouad Bar remains open from 11.00 am to 2.00 am and the alcoholics and no-alcoholic cocktails served here are renowned in Alexandria. Though the Bars as well as Pubs, Alexandria doesn’t offer several nightlife choices as some of the other cities in Egypt however the varying options of entertainment available in the nightlife destinations of this city is sure to fascinate the night time revelers.

Nightlife in Alexandria is for those who are looking for entertainment, fun as well as excitement. Rocking dance floor, live music, exotic dancers, famous singers, the biggest stars of the show world – it cannot get any bigger than this. There are innumerable night clubs, pubs and bars in Alexandria where you may unwind at the end of the day. If you are a reveler, indulge in the party on any of the hip as well as happening dance floors. If you are willing to have a quiet evening at a cozy corner away from the maddening crowd devote some time at any of the bars.

The night clubs of this city have been always the shining stars in the world of entertainment and fun. And, San Giovanni Night Club stands out of the crowd amongst all the night clubs. So make sure, you come and sip in some of the finest cocktails you have ever had. The bar of the San Giovanni King relishes its reputation for its finest drinks has been a reputed name for years in providing its visitors an atmosphere of privacy and calmness that you will never come across anywhere. The Aquarious Discotheque is located in the Montazah Sheraton Hotel is one amongst the most prestigious places in Alexandria. The excellent dine and wine option makes it worth visiting.



The Qatr El-Nada Garden is located at the El-Salamlek Palace Hotel and is believed to be the best place for enjoying the soft garden breeze at night listening to the live night music. Some of the major attractions include its splendid location, the sea and the gardens.


Spit Fire is yet another age old bars in Alexandria. This bar was started way back in the early 1900s. It is mostly frequented by tourists, expats, and sailors; it is a remarkable place for a glass of beer. The food served out here is extremely. Another remarkable thing is the signs stickers as well as name cards left by other visitors. Some of the other well known place involves the Bar Havana, Portuguese Club. These places provide you with the choicest collection of liquors and wines and some of the most exotic dishes.


Nightlife in this city is unique in its personal vivacity and diversity. The bars, night clubs and pubs all enliven the atmosphere and take proper care of your tired soul. So make sure to live your life to the fullest in Alexandria.

The climate in this city may be described as temperate with warm and frequently pretty sunny, hot weather by day, followed by cooler night times. The seasons in this city may be divided into two essential periods out of which both are warm. Between November-April the winter season is pleasant and mild, while the summer season that lasts from May-October is hotter, specifically during the day as well as night.


During the winter months, this city’s climate provides temperatures of approximate 20°C / 68°F by day, dropping to just below 10°C / 50°F on most nights. The summer weather is hotter and while the climate in Alexandria is never quite as hot as that of Cairo, summer highs can reach 30°C / 86°F or even 32°C / 90°F on occasion, being affected at times by humidity, though the refreshing sea breezes are known for lowering moisture levels. The summer weather is noticeably hotter and even as the climate in Alexandria is never quite as hot as that of Cairo, summer highs may reach Alexandria's cooler summer weather (in Egyptian terms) has made this region a particularly attractive tourist destination and even as the sunshine may be hot, it is never intolerable and suits those who expect stable sunshine on a holiday.


Egypt is one amongst the driest countries in the world and has an average rainfall of 80 mm / 3.1 inches. But then, Alexandria does receive a much higher rainfall, with annual precipitations of nearly 200 mm / 7.9 inches that is fairly wet for Egypt, however for most of us, still tremendously dry and leading in a fairly arid landscape.

Some of the well known airports out here include-

Abu Simbel Airport

Alexandria Airport

Al Arish Airport

Borg El Arab Airport Airport

Assiut Airport

Cairo International Airport

 Aswan Airport

Luxor Airport

Hurghada Airport

Sharm El Sheikh - Ophira Airport

 New Valley Airport

Marsa Alam Airport



Let us now take a look at some of the well known hotels in Alexandria-


Sheraton Montazah Hotel

 Helnan Palestine Hotel Alexandria

El Samalek Palace Hotel

Hilton Alexandria Green Plaza Egypt

Hilton Borg El Arab Resort

Maritim Jolie Ville Hotel Alexandria

Four Seasons Hotel Alexandria Egypt

Radisson Blu Hotel Alexandria Egypt

Sofitel Cecil Alexandria

Paradise Inn Le Metropole Hotel Alexandria

Aida Beach Hotel Alexandria

 Mercure Romance Alexandria

 Plaza Hotel Alexandria

Paradise Inn Beach Resort

Hotel Delta Alexandria

It became the capital Graeco-Roman Egypt and its culture is symbolized by Pharos, the legendary lighthouse that was one amongst the Seven Wonders of the World. This city is also considered to be the center of learning in the ancient world. However, ancient Alexandria declined and when Napoleon landed, he found nothing but a sparsely populated fishing village. From the nineteenth century, Alexandria took up a new role, as a focus for Egypt’s maritime and commercial expansion. This Alexandria has been immortalized by writers like Cavafy and E.M Forster. Generations of immigrants from Italy, Greece and the Levant settled here and made the city synonymous with cosmopolitanism, commerce and bohemian culture. In other words, this is the best city to explore at random. It is significant to enjoy the atmosphere as it is to see the sights.



Alexandria holds the second rank amongst the largest cities in Egypt. To be more specific, Alexandria is referred to as the "The Pearl of the Mediterranean", and has an atmosphere which is more Mediterranean than Middle Eastern. Its cultural heritage and ambience distance it from other county though it is actually only 225 km fro Cairo. It was founded by Alexander the Great in 331 BC.