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Assiut is a major attraction for travelers in Egypt. This city is defined as the biggest town in Upper Egypt. It is located at a distance of approximately 400 km south of Cairo, capital of Egypt. It is also an old city which was established in the times of the pharaohs. There are much to see in Assiut if you like history and Egyptology.  To day, the city is the administrative head of the Upper Egypt province and has a vast Christian community. In addition to this, it is also referred to as an important agricultural centre and is known for cultivating cotton and grain. It has a couple of carpet manufacturers as well. The third amongst the largest universities in Egypt are located here. Apart from the ancient attractions, some of the other things that will catch your eye include the Banana Island that is a remarkable place to rest. Over and above, if you like monuments then don’t miss out on the Necropolis of Assiut. Here tombs of different local leaders can be found that portray the historical meaning of the region.

Let us now take into consideration a couple of tourist attractions of this place-

















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Asiut - City of Egypt

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Mosque of Al-Mujahedin- this is one amongst the oldest mosques in the Governorate of Assiut that dates back to the Ottoman Era. This mosque was built on the ruins of a Mameluke mosque. It is believed to be one amongst the oldest of all the high hanging Egyptian mosques. The façade was constructed using black burnt bricks and was surrounded by fine wooden decorations. Over the entrance you will find a sign indicating the name of the founder as well as the construction date of the mosque. The Mosque of Al-Mujahedin was modeled on the Ottoman style, together with a massive quadrangular high Minaret distinguished with its superb decorations. The mosque’s entrance is decorated by stony and wooden paintings.

The University Hotel- The staff members of the university hotel is extremely professional and make sure that you have a memorable stay put there. This hotel is located on the premises of the university and is only at a distance of fifteen minutes form the city’s railway station and at a distance of thirty minutes from the city’s airport. Assiut University Hotel is known for its unique style, prime location and luxurious facilities. It is furnished and designed so as to provide all possible satisfaction and coziness for their guests. It has an overall capacity of sixty four guest rooms and four spacious suites that are inclined towards providing their guests with a perfect blend of technology, comfort and luxury. The Olympic village of the university includes the below mentioned arenas as well as playgrounds-


·      Soccer's playground that comes with an overall space capacity for 1200 attendances

·      New indoor arena which is inclusive of playgrounds for, basketball, handball as well as Volleyball, and comes with an overall space capacity for 150 attendances.

·      Two squash courts that come with an overall space capacity of 48 attendances each

·      Table tennis halls that comprises of an overall space capacity of 50 attendances each

·      Physical fitness halls or more commonly Gymnasiums that is said to have a space capacity of 30 attendances each.

·      Olympic Swimming Compound that comes with a  space capacity of 850 attendances