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According to historians, the ancient city of Berenice, would become a commercial port in 275 BC. Near the modern city in which it has gradually become one finds a ruined temple of Semiramis, built by Trajan and Tiberius, and inside, one can discover the remains of the emerald mines at Wadi Sakaita, which have been carefully worked by the Pharaohs in the Roman era. On the outer walls of the temple, one sees some representations of the emperor Tiberius min before God and a work that illustrates the special offerings to the deity of Mines Green. The coast is lined with "mangrove" bays and coves blank. During your trip to Egypt, enjoy the low tide to visit the island tectonic Zabargad, a geological phenomenon, as famous as the source of semi-precious olivine, mined here from 1500 BC up to half of the twentieth century. From the top of the hill Peridot, you will also find breathtaking views of the surrounding blue lagoons, rich in marine life and which house many dolphins. The city of Berenice is not only famous for its fishing, but also because of its reputation for harboring some of the best health center and spa in Egypt.
Getting Berenice
Use buses, taxi service or tours from Hurghada. You may need a special permit to go to Berenice. Before undertaking such a trip, be sure to check the office of border administration, in Cairo.

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