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Mount Claudianus in Egypt

Mount Claudianus lies at the foot of Jebel Fatira, located about 20 km from Port Safaga on the road to Qena. Within the Roman colony, it was long digging for quartz diorite, granite, marble, high quality, which have been used as construction materials of the Roman Empire. The marble, the delicate black stone can still be seen in Rome in locations such as in the portico of the Pantheon, Hadrian's Villa, near the public baths and in the columns and floor of the temple of Venus. We also discovered a temple started by Hadrian, but never completed, now in ruins, but the stairs leading to it can still be observed. There is also a Roman camp, housing, workshops, stables and a dromos. The camp is surrounded by granite walls, joined by defensive towers on the corners, to protect it from Bedouin attacks. Today there are hot springs, which are often used in a complex system of underground heating among other things, for sweat baths. It is also possible to see fragments of granite, several artifacts in ruins, a broken column, for example, slabs and columns.





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Claudinus mountain - Travel in Egypt

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