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Our agent Louis-Simon who is a representant of the travel agency of Khaled and Georges. He is travelling a lot to make sure that all the organisation is well done. The best and quickest way to get in touch with him is to contact him  by mail.

Feel free to ask him any questions concerning your trip to Egypt.


It’s also possible to contact us to know the fee for advertisement in this website. is getting more popular every day and is visited by a big amount of traveler. It’s now possible to advertise on the top of the page or besides each one, in the section To know more.

Contact him right now to have more informations about advertisement.

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We always welcome partnership with private and corporate site.

The first possibility is to exchange link. You will appear in the section useful links for Egypt.

The other possibility is to add a link to your site each time that a representative word appear. For example, if your site talk about Touthankamon, we will manage to add it in our text. We will put a link to your site each times it appear. In exchange you would do the same for some specific word that may appear in your site.

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