Dahab: City Of Egypt 

The word Dahab means “gold “in Arabic and in Sinai it means “golden sands and turquoise sea”. This region in Egypt also offers you the pleasure of an offbeat café life and in the present times it is an area of significant tourist development. This region in Egypt is widely popular for its swaying sands, opportunities for snorkeling and its fine sand. If you visit this region you will have no disappointments as there is excellent hotel accommodation in the region. If you are budger conscious you can conveniently go in for affordable housing accommodation in the village and you can also camp nearby too. For those fond of diving there is the popular Blue Hole for diving that is located at a distance of 5 miles. The Island of Coral has the remains of a fort that was in the past built by the Crusaders and this is a popular tourist spot even till this date.

Dahab was in the past a Bedouin fishing village that was famous for windsurfing as the winds were reliable for providing the surfer great flat water surroundings. The other popular sports in the above region are snorkeling and scuba diving. There are also many reefs located near the waterfront hotels and this is the reason why the above sports are so popular here. The other prime attractions of Dahab are the unique ground restaurants that boost of a blend of Hippie and Bedouin style. These restaurants have developed over the years and the interiors have large cushions along with low tables that are covered with colorful cloth. Most of these restaurants have fish stalls that are located in front of them and people can select the fish of their choice and have it prepared according to their specifications. The menus that are available here are very tasty and they are quite reasonable and affordable. After tourists finish the food one can just lean back on the cushions and rest for long durations.


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This region has two villages where the Assalah is the Bedouin village located in the south and Dahab is the business and admimistative village located in the North. This region also has a cluster of holiday villages that cater to the rich and the affluent customers in the village.

The newcomers and the people who have already visited this region will find a host of beach cafes, mosques and bazaars along with the Bedouin huts, palm trees and crumbling concrete camps. The local girls in the region sell bracelets while their fathers and their brothers hawk camel rides. They also invite the tourists for tea in the desert and there are some fancy hotels that have come up lately that offer a wide range of accommodation for the tourists. The sea and the ambience of this region is enthralling and tourists love spending long and lazy hours here.

Dahab is one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the world and people from all over the world love to visit this awesome place that has the beauty of surrounding peaks and the golden sand.