Damanhur or Hermopolis Mikra is referred to as a city in that is located in Lower Egypt. To be more specific, it is referred to as the Beheira Governorate. It is located at a distance of 160 km (99 mi) northwest of Cairo, and 70 km (43 mi) E.S.E. of Alexandria, in the mid of west Nile Delta. With reference to Ancient Egypt, the city was referred to as the capital of Lower Egypt’s 7th Nome of A-ment. It is located on the banks of a canal that is connected to the lake Mareotis with the Canopic. This city is devoted to the ancient God of Egypt, i.e. God Horus. In Roman and Greek times, it was referred to as Hermopolis Parva or Hermopolis Mikra. As Hermopolis, the city allured the notice of innumerable ancient geographers, together with Stephanis of Byzantium. The town comprises of the tomb of Rabbi Yaakov Abuhatzeira who died in the year 1879 on his way to the Land of Israel. The site is visited every year by tens and thousands of devotees. In the year 1986, the city recorded an overall population of 188,939. The marvelously cultivated Beheira province gives way to chiefly agricultural industries that include potato processing, cotton ginning, and date picking. Over and above, it also has a market for rice and cotton. Ahmed H. Zewail, who was awarded the Nobel Prize for chemistry in the year 1999 took birth in this city in the year 1946. The city is located in the Nile Delta which further gives it an opportunity to enjoy the Mediterranean climate. The city receives average precipitation during winter as well as rare rain during other seasons. Snow, frost and hail aren’t unknown particularly during the winter.

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