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The Damietta Harbour was made in 1982 and it is located about 9.7km to the west of the Damietta branch to the river Nile. The Damietta Harbour of Egypt is one that is located about 8.5km west of the Nile River on the Damietta branch that is on the westward Ras El bar and situated about 70km from Port Said. The port installations in this area are bordered with an imaginary line that connects the eastern and the western external breakwaters. The port of Damietta has a canal entrance that is about 11.3 km in length 300m wide. This entrance gradually reduces when it reaches 250m at water break and when it is 15m in depth. This canal is surrounded by 18 buoys and that are lit up in the night with odd numbers on the right and even numbers on the left. There is also an external waiting area in this canal as well. The western water break of this canal is 1640m and 140m that is on the land and 1500 on the sea.

The water breaks are such that they are topped with the help of a cement layer. The barge channel of the harbor consists of two ports that is about 1350 m and it links the barges that dock the sea and the other is about 3750 m that links to the dock that is near the Nile branch. The area of the barge dock is about 250x250m and it also has the 250m long where the depth of the water is about 5m deep. The diameter of the rotation dock is about 500m and the depth of the water is 14.5m that is in front of the broth of the containers that are also 12m in front of the general berths of cargo. There is an imaginary line that links between the two ends of the external eastern and western break waters.

The predominant wave direction of the Damietta Harbour is mainly from the NNW and it is prevelant in this sector for all the months. This is responsible for the generation of the long shore current that flows towards the east of the shore. There is a small percentage that flows from NNE sector that generates another reverse long shore current that flows towards the west. The wave refraction pattern for the existing wave direction in this area that is located in front of the Damietta Harbour and the navigation channel can be silted from the east and west liioral drift of the canal that also comes from the onshore sediment transport. The Damietta is one such harbour that is very popular and famous in Egypt. It is visited by many tourists from all over the world every year. The capacity of the Damietta Harbour is estimated to be about 5.6 million tonnes every year and it is through this port that the exports of fertilizers and other agricultural produce is made to the other countries of the world with success.

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