El-Arish is referred to as the capital of the governorate of Egypt located in Shamal Sinha. The capital recorded an average population of 114,900 in the year 2002. To be more specific, it is a seaside resort that is located on the coast of the Mediterranean peninsula of Sinai, at a distance of 344 kilometers from Cairo. It has an airport referred to as the Airport El Arish International. This city is located close to the town of Ptolemaic Rhinocolura and has been misidentified in the Middle Ages with the biblical site of Sukkot chiefly because arich is the Arabic equivalent of the Hebrew word Sukkot. This city was fortified by the Ottomans in the year 1560. During the Egyptian campaign of Napolean, she was overwhelmed by French forces and fell eleven days after 19th February 1799. However, the fortress was resumed on 30th December 1799. An agreement was signed on 24th January 1800 on the mass departure of Egypt by French troops however it isn’t respected. Later on, the fort was devastated by British bombardment during the First World War. The city passed under the governance of Israel in the year 1956 and from 1967-1979 when it was returned to Egypt. It has now turned out to be an important commercial crossing hub between the two countries as well as well known tourist destination, in spite the attacks which occurred on 26th of April,2006.


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