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El Guna, Kafr El Gouna and El Guna museum
Kafr El Gouna and El Guna (sometimes written EL GOUNA) is located 90 km south of
Berenice. To get there, simply refer to international flights to Hurghada, or flights that go to Cairo, then take a domestic flight or go to El Gouna and Kafr El Gouna by land.
El Gouna, is par excellence, the first destination and leisure trip in the Red Sea., Built on 10 km, architecturally picturesque seaside El Gouna boasts of being authentic and diverse. Divided over a myriad of islands interlinked by turquoise several lagoons, El Guna offers a wide variety of accommodation and comfortable guest houses situated near the beaches and luxurious resorts.
El Guna is easily accessible by plane, located a little over 20 km north of Hurghada International Airport. If you travel in and out of Europe, the journey will prove short and if the distance may also be made by car.
Once you arrive in El Guna, you'll discover a wide variety of activities to keep you occupied. El Guna is a paradise for divers internationally certified through its numerous diving centers. Windsurfing, kite-surfing, water skiing, parasailing, snorkeling and many other water sports activities are at your disposal during your trip to Egypt. In addition to these water activities, you will have the chance to play 18 holes of golf in a breathtaking landscape of Egypt, or smell the burning rubber of a circuit of go karts for the thrill seekers. Otherwise, enjoy the beaches to soak up the abundant sunshine and stroll quietly until late afternoon.

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El Guna - Travel in Egypt

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El Guna museum

This museum gives a lot of "importance to the history of ancient Egypt and the art that follows, with more than 90 exhibits including replicas of some famous statues (made by the" Egyptian Cultural Investment Company "), stones and musical instruments associated with Egyptian traditions. Open since January 1996, the museum has been designed to offer tourists a portrait of the ancient Egyptian culture. The building has three interactive computer screens providing access to descriptions of each room, plus an exhibition of 52 contemporary paintings of the famous Egyptian painter, Hussein Bikar. Locatedin the Kafr El Gouna, the building which houses all the exhibitions is also surrounded by souvenir shops selling small statues, books, papyrus paintings, postcards and a few examples of modern Egyptian art.


Among the endless activities you discover on your trip, be sure to also participate in the Dine-Around program (Dinner around Gouna), which is specific to the hotel El Gouna. This option allows customers with half-board to experience different restaurants within the city, as the hosting package they have.
Kafr El Gouna
The heart of El Gouna, this famous city that vibrates both day and night meet local people as much as casual visitors. The Kafr was built in the traditional Egyptian style, including courtyards, winding alleys and some rolling domes, all surrounded by turquoise lagoons.
During your trip, your visit to Kafr surprise you as it contains everything one would expect from a bustling city center: many shopping malls, bazaars, a village of art, cafes, nightclubs, great choice of restaurants and bars for all tastes. As long as services offered are certainly more than an Internet café, several ATMs, public telephones, a post office and an information center.