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Lake Nasser

Lake Nasser is a very big reservoir that is located in the South Egypt and the North Sudan. The name of this lake refers strictly to about 83% of the Lake that is located in the Egyptian territory. The Sudanese people refer to the smaller portion of the Lake to Lake Nubia. This area of the Sudan administered Wadi Halfa Salient was largely flooded by Lake Nasser.

This Lake was made after the construction of the Aswan High Dam that is across the waters of the Nile between the years 1958 and 1970. This lake has been named after the President Gamal Abdel Nasser that has started the much controversial High Dam project. This Lake is about 550Km long and it also spreads 35Km across the widest point that is located near the Tropic Of Cancer. It also covers a total surface area of 5250 km² and it also has a storage capacity of about 157 km³ that is covered by water.

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The name of the above lake is named after the President Gamal Abdel Nasser who was responsible for the construction of the controversial project that concerned the High Dam. When this Lake was being created due to the construction of the Aswan High Dam that was across the Nile in the years 1958 to 1970, it was anticipated that the rising waters that were behind the Dam required certain relocation projects that required to be carried out in the 1960’s in the area that was also famous for the presence of 18 ancient temples.

It was noticed that in the 1990’s that the rising lake levels had resulted in a spill of waters however there were some who were of the opinion that this leak was made deliberately and it went into the west of the Sahara Desert to subsequently form the Toshka Lake in the year 1998.

This lake is a very remote and sparsely populated by the farmer fishermen. The local residents in this area are the Bedouin camel and sheep herdsmen that are also seen occasionally grazing their flocks on the on the vegetation that is located on the edges of this lake. There are also many birds, mammals and reptiles that can be seen in this area and there are over 100 species of birds that have been seen here. This area is also a popular place where you can also get to witness small groups of anglers that have hundreds of square mils to themselves. Lake Nasser has the best fishwater fishing in the area for the Nile Perch and The Tiger Fish. There are also many species of Catfish and the legendary giant Vundu that is the biggest. There are also two species of Tilapis that also inhabit the lake and there are also a good number that can be caught on a fly rod. There are about thirty two species of fish that is in the Lake.


Lake Nasser is a popular tourist place in Egypt and there are many people that visit this area every year.