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Mansoura restaurants are found in abundance in this Egyptian city, but then, only a couple of them provide pork products. Mansoura is approximately 120 km northeast of Cairo, Egypt. The metropolitan is known its Shinnavi palace as well as other edifice representing remarkable architectural style. Hence, when you are planning to visit Mansoura, do come by to this eating place. Tinola is believed to be one of the well known Filipino dishes. It may be either prepared using chicken or fish, however, most like tinolang chicken. Another striking tasting Filipino food is the sizzling sisig. This dish is best suited for the adventurous diners because it is prepared using the ears and facial skin of pig, but then, some restaurants provide plain tuna sisig or chicken. The sizzling sisig is tasty, spicy as well as topped using freshly opened egg.


Buses and taxis are considered to be the best options to get around Mansoura. The Mansoura transportation is managed by various buses and taxis. If you are planning to visit Mansoura then you may be interested in checking out the different Mansoura shopping options which are available. There are multiple places where you may shop. Of you are eyeing on some trendy fashion wear, antiques, authentic Egyptian clothes as well as souvenirs, you are sure to be able to get them here. If you have exceptional skills at bargaining then you can try your hands at the different markets and shops in Mansoura. El- Mashaya is referred to as place where you may purchase your consumable whilst you are in this city. To be more specific, this is the best place where you can shop for grocery needs. If you are eyeing on remarkable bargains on imported goos then El-Wekala is possibly the best place for you. You will certainly find something interesting out here. Portsaid Street is known for selling household wares, electrical appliances as well as gadgets. For the best satisfaction, it is best to go in for this part of town for availing the huge variety of gadgets, appliances as well as household wares which you can want or need. Mansoura is referred to as a conservative city where in foreigners doesn’t visit on a frequent basis. This is one of the reasons why you won’t find too many entertainment options out here. Over and above, alcohol isn’t offered in most of the places. The two major hotels out here include the Marshal Hotel and global hotel. In addition to this, you will also find a number of restaurants that serve alcohol; however, visitors need to be careful regarding wearing short mini skirt and public drunkenness. The Mansoura University offers students with entertainment on the three campuses including an eating hall, the Olympic village and restaurants.


So the next time you are planning for any vacations make sure that you keep Mansoura in your books.