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Marsa Alam village in Egypt

When traveling in Egypt, you might want to discover the village of Marsa Alam who is home to a small harbor and a stone quay typically Egyptian. During your trip and your stay in this small Egyptian community, you will discover the ideal base for a fishing trip. The shooting club "Dokki" has a rest house inside the village and frequently organizes fishing trips in deep water. Among the species observed, we note especially the sharks, lobsters, turtles and moray eels. He must also observe the beautiful coral reefs and diving facilities ideal for which the region has become known more in recent years. A nature reserve stretches from Marsa Alam, Gebel Elba in the south.
During the last decade, Marsa Alam has been a crazy development. There are now many three and four star resorts along the beach, and there is already talk of five-star accommodation on the verge of opening its doors. Soon the village will be the largest marina in the Middle East, offering his most beautiful land-a golf course unique landscape.
Transportation to Marsa Alam

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Use buses, taxi service or tours from Hurghada. You may need a special permit to go to Berenice. Before undertaking such a trip, be sure to check the office of border administration, in Cairo.




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Marsa Alam - Travel in Egypt

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