The Nile Delta - Nile river delta (North Egypt)


Egypt is well known for his sacred river called the Nile. But the mouth of the river is also very important because it separates into several branches. This is called the Nile Delta region where the Nile flows into the Mediterranean Sea. This area is swampy and has always been rich in fauna and flora. The Egyptian papyrus comes largely from this region.

The Nile delta is located north of Egypt and begins near Cairo (actual capital of Egypt), about 150 km of the Mediterranean coast, a place that the Egyptians also called "belly of the cow (Batn Al-Baqara). Nile is the longest river in the world (with its 6600km), it divides into several branches.


The primary sources of information about the ramifications of Delta during the New Kingdom have been updated in the Ramesseum of Thebes. ,We discovered a huge amount of content with jars of wine produced in this region of Egypt. The mouth of the jars indicated by hieratic writing, show the exact place of production of the precious beverage.





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We know as well as the east is developed "water of Ra," bathed Pi-Ramses, the capital of the time. His West was for "water of the West", whose route roughly followed that of the current Canopic branch. The backbone of the Delta was the "River", whose name indicates it should be at that time is as important to navigation, or longer. To these three main branches were added "the water of Ptah," which stood for "water of the West" and "the water of Amun, who individualized relative to" River "at the heart Delta.


The branches of the Delta is clearly in the descriptions of Egypt left by the early Greek geographers of antiquity. While under the New Kingdom of Egypt there were five classical authors that talked about this.