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Picture of the Nile River in Egypt : Felucca and boats on the Nile


The Nile has shaped the economic life of Egypt, determined its political structures and generated values of its moral and social climate.

The River Nile flows over several thousands of kilometers. Two major rivers converge, where he was born: the Blue Nile, which finds its source in Ethiopia, and the White Nile, from Uganda. One or the other meet in Khartoum and therefore the true Nile travels 3000km to the north to empty into the Méditéranée, creating a long ribbon of green in the desert: the heart of a sterile area, it creates an oasis elongate who for thousands of years, food Egyptian civilization. The Nile has given its people prosperity, and the desert around security: Both characters have geographical engender the lives of the Egyptian and shaped his mental attitude.


Above Khartoum, the Nile river broke six times: it is the famous cataracts.


A cruise on the Nile



The Nile river


The Nile is the cradle of the Pharaonic civilization. In the words of Herodotus, the famous Greek historian, Egypt is a gift of the Nile. Without it, Egypt would not be what it is. The Nile arises from the confluence of the White Nile, whose source is from the hills of Burundi, and Blue Nile, originating in the Ethiopian highlands.

The Nile River stretches across the country and is a main attractions of Egypt. The Nile has shaped the history of the Egyptian people for millennia. Historians begins to understand the enormous impact of this sacred river and how he changed the Egyptian mentality.