Louis-Simon Roy is from french Canada. With a diploma in social work and an adventurer soul, he organise travel in some remote part of the world (Mongolia, Egypt, Morocco, Georgia, Myanmar)

 After 2 trips to Mongolia and his work in a refugees camp in Lebanon, he now teaches languages (English, Spanish, Russian, Serbo-croatian, Mongolian, French and German) in his hometown, Quebec city.

He created www.voyagemongolie.com in 2004 to allow to french people to discover this part of the world in Central Asia. According to the big success he created the same services and get in touch with travelers from every horizon to prepare their trip to Egypt, Morocco, Georgia in Caucasus or Myanmar. 


is a tour operator for many years in Egypt, his homeland. His high knowledge of tourism industry as well as hus deep love for his country give to the tours that he organise with George, a very professional work. Based in Luxor, he organise the tour in Egypt.

George (Aymen) is 43 and has a formation in archeology. Could we dream better? His organising the tour in partnership with Khaled and always make sure that visitors to Egypt (his homeland) enjoy the beauty of the Ancient Egyptian empire. He is guide in English and Spanish. With Khaled, he owns an office in Cairo, Luxor, and Hurgada.

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