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Adventure in the white desert
Woman of Egypt - Travel and cruise on the Nilecruise on the Nile river in EgyptFeluca ride on the Nile

All the Pictures have been bought on

All the Pictures have been bought on

Prayer in Egypt

Enthusiasts of egyptology and history, travelers will be happy to arrive in Cairo and to explore with their own eyes the monuments built in the past centuries ont the egyptian territory. Egypt invites you to a journey beyond time.

We often forget that Egypt is also a perfect place for adventure travel in the desert. The experience is fascinating for those who are lucky enough to discover the desert in 4 x 4. White desert and oasis are waiting you!

The Nile cruise is without doubt one of the highlights of travel in Egypt. During this unforgettable cruise, you will have the chance to observe a rich culture living in an arid environment. The Nile captivates travelers who manage to penetrate his secret. Are you one of those ?

A felucca ride is always part of experiences that travelers want to do when coming in Egypt. This means of transport without noise can allow you to discover the richness of the fauna and flora of this great sacred river of Egypt. Come on board with us for this unforgettable trip in Pharaonic Egypt.

The desertic area covers More than 90% of the whole egyptian territory.

Alexandria is a city of northern Egypt. Some regard it with little appeal, others with an irresistible charm. He must come and put your feet where you can feel the good feeling that this unique city emerges millennium. If Alexandria was well known for its library destroyed now it is currently recognized as a central point of the Egyptian economy north of the country. Point of entry across the Mediterranean trade, Alexandria is a thriving and cosmopolitan city.

The attacks that took place in the 1990s against foreigners make that we forget that this country of North Africa is primarily a land of spirituality and goodness. Indeed, religion is an important part of Egyptian culture. At dawn they found at the mosque or doing their prayers. For foreigners coming to Egypt, this approach is very exotic. It contributes to the charm and adds to the exotic lieux.les Egyptians are directly related to God with their prophet Muhammad. This picture was taken in a Koranic school where a young man combines the Koran with devotion and tries to understand the messages could deliver the prophet Mohammed.

Egypt is also an adventure. The possibility of finding land that few people were trampled in remote areas still living at the rhythm of ancestral traditions. The best way to travel to these remote areas of Egypt, that of rent 4x4. Your guide will be delighted to show you the Egyptian traditions, those who have shaped the people for the past several centuries.

All the Pictures have been bought on

In Egypt, too, is not immune to developments in communication. Even in a desert cell phones are still evidence that the desire to understand and have contact with the outside world is stronger than culture. The Egyptian man tries to have a signal in the white desert. But some difficulties appeared to be in the air. Welcome to Egypt and make the most of your adventure, your trip to Egypt.


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