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Port Said was founded during the start of the canal excavations. During the later half of the nineteenth it emerged out as an important port where all the important maritime powers had consulates. Much of this city was constructed on a section of Lake Manzala that was reclaimed by landfill.

Adventurer De Monfreid was pleased by the Arab cafés where "local policemen as well as coolies" smoked hashish in back rooms that were supplied chiefly by respectable Greeks:   This port lies to the north entrance of the Suez Canal. It is said to be one of the significant ports of Egypt because of its distinctive location on the entrance of the most important waterway in the world as well as in the middle of the greatest merchant shipping line between the east and Europe. Over and above, it is considered to be the biggest transit in the world. In recent times, the bustling city of 540,000 people earns its living as a significant harbor. It is known for exporting rice as well as cotton. In addition to this, it is also considered to be a fueling station for ships which pass through the Suez Canal. A faintly raffish atmosphere lingers around the old trees, and its timber-porched houses give a feel of the French Quarter of New Orleans. This city was devastated during the Suez crisis and re-devastated during the wars of 1973 and 1967. However, it is rebuilt today and has an approximate population of 400, 00 people. Additionally, it is also said to be a summer resort by the Egyptians and the beach is in line with vacation bungalows. The main street together with its commercial enterprises is referred to as Sharia Palestine. This is the same place where big ships rest for entering the Suez Canal and it may be a sight to behold. Another thing that most people often overlook is the colonial architecture of the nineteenth century in the town center.





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You will find a national museum in Port Said that houses artifacts from the most periods of Egypt’s past including the pre-historic and pharaonic. Situated on Sharia Palestine, the museum also houses Coptic and Islamic exhibits including manuscripts, coins as well as textiles. There is also a room dedicated to the Khedival family’s artifacts. In addition to this, you will also find a Military Museum located on Sharia 23rd of July. Together with some minute displays of Islamic and pharaonic wars you will find the artifacts from the Suez Crises and the 1967 and 1973 wars.

Diagonally the Canal from Port Said is Port Fuad that is only a bedroom community to Port Said. If you have sufficient time at your hand then make sure to take a stroll among the gardens as well as sprawling residences located there. Can you tell what the common thing between Port Said and New York is?

Initially, American's sstatue of Liberty was supposed to be placed in Port Said and not in New York. The statue of liberty was inspired by the great statues at Abu Simbel. Auguste Bartholdi, the sculptor of the statue designed the American Lady of Liberty as 'Egypt carrying the light of Asia'. But then, the Khedive Ismail decided that the project was extremely expensive, hence, the ‘Light of Asia’ was sent to the US rather, where she became the “statue of liberty’.







Port Said is also popularly referred to as Bur Said and is located on the Mediterranean coast at the beginning of the Suez Canal. The city was established on the year 1859 when the Suez Canal was inaugurated. This is considered to be a modern city that is located at a distance of 135 miles northeast of Cairo at the Mediterranean entrance to the Suez Canal. It is known for its remarkable view that runs along its stunning beach. It is situated largely on man-made land and the city was founded on a low sandy strip that separates the Mediterranean from Lake Al-Manzilah. It lies at the junction of Asia and African and is considered to be a popular and important sea route between the west and east.


The nation museum of Port Said has a variety of displays encompassing the Egyptian history. The museum that was opened in Port Said in the year 1987 has exhibits on the 1st floor covering pharaonic and prehistory period and includes multiple sarcophagi and mummies together with different statues as well as other artifacts. On the next floor, you will find the Coptic and Islamic material including manuscripts, textiles and coins as well as artifacts from the Khedival family. The museum stays open from 9am-4pm, but generally is kept closed during the lunch hour.


The Military Museum that has its base in Port Said generally has displays of modern wars, like the 1956 Anglo-French War, as well as the Israeli conflicts of 1967 and 1973, including tanks as well as other artifacts.  But then, there are also exhibits of ancient Egyptian warfare.  The winter hours of the museum are between 9 AM and 2 PM, whereas during the summers it opens at 8 AM.  Friday's hours can vary. This museum was inaugurated in the year 1964 and comprises of multiple halls that showcase different battles fought by the Egyptian army as well as the people of Port Said. You are sure to find here militaristic and military paintings, statues and bas reliefs.


The Museum of Modern Art that is located in Ports Said is in Shohada Square, and features the Modern History of Port Said by Egyptian artists. The museum stays open from 9 am to 8p. However, Monday is declared as an official holiday. The economic base of this place is fishing as well as industries such as cigarettes, processed food and chemicals. Port Said is also considered to be a significant harbor. Additionally, the place also flourishes on being a duty free port and a summer resort for Egyptians. There are innumerable old houses with great balconies on all floors, thereby giving the city a distinct look. The twin city of this place is Port Fouad that lies on the eastern side of the canal. The two cities also co-exist to the extent that there is hardly any town centre in Port Fouad. The cities are connected through free ferries that run all through the day and together they create a metropolitan region with more than one million residents. Apart from its port, the city is also served by Port Said Airport. Both in the Yom Kippur War and the Suez crisis, Port Said was extensively demolished. The port is seaward, bordered by an imaginary line from the west breakwater boundary till the east breakwater end. And from the Suez canal region, it is bordered through an imaginary line that extends transversely from the southern bank of the canal that is connected to Manzala lake as well as the railways arcade livestock.


There are two breakwaters that protect the entrance channel of the port. To be more specific, the western breakwater is nearly 3.5 miles in length whereas the eastern breakwater is nearly 1.5 miles in length.

The Suez canal dwelling region is located between latitudes 31° 21' N and 31° 25' N as well as longitudes 32° 16.2°' E and 32° 20.6' E. where vessels awaiting to assent Port Said port stay whether to join the North convoy to transit the Suez Canal to carry out stevedoring operations or to be supplied with bunkers and provisions. The dwelling region is divided into two parts namely-

The northern area that is meant for vessels that comes with deep drafts as well as the southern area that is meant for all vessel kinds.

If you are planning to get into this place then you can choose boat and train as your means of transportation. The train route has direct connections with Cairo and Alexandria. If you want to travel by boat then you can choose Louis cruise line from Limassol. You will also find free shuttle between port fouad and port said.

Some of the things that you can see are as follows-

Ancient and modern port facilities

The container ships

The supertankers

The remains of the old town

The market


Some oldies from the English and French communities may be found from time to time. You can also buy the omnipresent and unavoidable tourist collectibles.

Italian Restaurant is one amongst the two restaurants that is located in Port Said and is worth eating it. The food cooked here is fresh and the service is good. Alcohol is expensive here.

Pizza pino is one amongst the finer restaurants that is located in Port Said. It provides remarkable pizzas and also pastas with superb quality ingredients of your choice The place is extremely friendly.


For accommodation purpose you can count on the Helnan Port Said Hotel. This four star hotel is located near the beach. The hotel is said to be one amongst the best landmarks and remarkable for luxurious holidays, sports activities and conventions. The hotel staff is extremely friendly and strives to do the best for their guests. There isn’t any night life in Port Fouad or Port Said except at the innumerable chicha bars.

Some of the well known hotels in Port Said are as follows-

Resta Port Said

Helnan Port Said Hotel

Holiday Hotel

Palace Hotel

Grand Albatros Hotel

Helnan Port Said Hotel

Holiday Hotel

 Palace Hotel

 Grand Albatros Hotel


Some of the well known cities that are close to Port Said include-



Sharm El Sheikh








Makadi Bay


Whether you are willing to travel to Port Said, Egypt on  business, holiday, or vacation, or want to buy a property you need to first take into consideration a couple of points like the climate, temperature and weather information of Port Said.

· The average temperature range is about 13.5 °C.

· Port Said shares an average temperature of 21.4 °C (70 °F).

· The lowest average low temperature in a month is 11 °C (52 °F) in January.

· The highest average high temperature in a month is 30 °C (86 °F) in July and August.

· There is an average of 3546 hours of sunlight every year with an average of 9.7 hours of sunlight evry day.

· On average there are thirty one days every year with more than 0.1 mm (0.004 in) of rainfall (precipitation) or three days with a quantity of sleet, rain, snow etc. every month.

· Port Said's climate gets an average of 67 mm (2.6 in) of rainfall on an annual basis, or 6 mm (0.2 in) on a monthly basis

· The wettest weather comes in December when an average of 18 mm (0.7 in) of rainfall (precipitation) occurs across seven days.

· The driest weather lasts from June to September when an average of 0 mm (0.0 in) of rain falls.

· Average sunlight hours ranges between 6.0 hours every day in December as well as 12.0 hours every day in June, July and August.

· The average annual relative humidity is about 71.7% and average monthly relative humidity ranges from 69% (in March & October) - 74% (in July & December.)

There is an average of 0 days every year with frost in Port Said and in January there is an average of 0 days with frost.

Well, if you feel that you are tired of your hectic work schedule and want to relax and spend some hours in close proximity with nature then you can book your tickets for Port Said now itself. This is an ideal place where you can forget your worries and just chill out with your friends and family members. So, why waste time? Start making the necessary preparations from now itself and see how well you get a chance to enjoy your journey.