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Ras Sudr is defined as an industrial town that is located at an approximate distance of 37 miles south of the Ahmed Hamdi Tunnel that connects mainland Egypt to Sinai. To be more specific, it is considered to be the second most significant town on the Gulf of Suez after El-Tor. But then, in recent times you will find an increasing number of resorts growing up around the town. These resorts have turned out to be extremely popular retreats for residents of Cairo.

If you are one of those who have an eye for Egyptian travel then you must be familiar with Sharm-el-Sheikh on the southern tip and can also know of the resorts that line its south eastern shores like the Taba, Nuweiba and Dahab. But then, most non Egyptian travelers are less familiar with the western coast of the Sinai that faces the Gulf of Suez.

Ras Sudr is well known to Egyptians chiefly because it represents a speedy two and a half an hour journey from Cairo. In spite of this, the foreign tourist with restricted time who desire to experience the Sinai together with an adventurous drive need to take into consideration this extending tourist area.

If you want to get to this place, then you need to first visit the Suez Canal and then go under it through the Shaheed Ahmed Hamdi Tunnel. The landscape is pretty interesting and along the way after getting into the Sinai and turning south along the coastal highway one can easily pass by Oyoun Moussa. It is considered to be the spring where Moses after leading the Israelites across the Red Sea converted a bitter spring into sweet drinking water by throwing a branch into it as suggested by God. In recent times, there remains only twelve spring as in the Old testament, however, after about 1860 all but only one turned brackish.

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Ras Sudr - Travel in Egypt

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Ras Sudr has a resort area of nearly sixty kilometers south of the Ahmed Hamdi Tunnel covers a zone that extends some ninety five kilometers along the Sinai Coast. At one time, this place was nothing but a coastal town that was locally popular for sail boarding however, in recent times it has made a mark for itself in terms of new tourist facilities, sports, private villas and shops. It is separated into North Ras Sudr comprising of tourist centers at Ras Masalla, Ras Dehaisah and South Oyoun Moussa and South Ras Sidr, including Ras Matarma, an-Nakhila and Ras Mal'ab. Ras Sidr enjoys quite a few natural assets, including mountains, desert areas, unusual virgin beaches and small, sandy gulfs, valleys, and its well known sulfuric, healing springs. The area is known for desert plants as well as herbs, and is also considered to be a  habitat of charming marine creatures including a variety of rare fish.

Ras Sudr enjoys a moderate and fine climate all year round. To be more specific, the temperatures ranges between 20c in January and 25c (77 Fahrenheit) in August. The humidity is low out here.