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Safaga or more commonly Port Safaga has turned out to be a working port that is located at a distance of 37 miles from Safaga with multiple tourist villages specializing in diving holidays, a number of hotels and some remarkable fish restaurants. Its stiff breezes and unspoiled beaches made it the ideal venue for the 1993 world windsurfing championships. Day trips to Mons Claudianus or Tobia Island in the Red Sea Mountains may be arranged with local guides.


This place has emerged out to be a favorite spot for sun bathers and is water is known for its rich content of saline. Now, this property is considered to be extremely useful for your skin. Encompassed by Encircled by Soma Bay, Makadi Bay, and Shahl Hashish, the place also serves as a home to Tobia Hamra and Tobia Arbaa. These chain reefs line in the shore as well as make it an ideal spot for routine diving. The town is also known for windsurfing as well as in the year 1993 it hosted the World Windsurfing Championships. Almost all dive sites are still un spoilt and may be reached via boat in less than one hour to the inner reefs and between one and a half hours to two hours to the outer reefs. This is an ideal place where you will find something for all. To be more specific, there is something to match everybody’s interests. For instance, you have the the eel garden at Gamul Kabira, manta rays at Sha’ab Saiman, sharp drop-offs at Abu Kafan, blue-spotted stingrays at Tobias, the anemone city at Panorama Reef. Over and above, you have the night dive at at Sha’ab Sheer or deal with the huge Salem Express lying on its starboard side. 






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Safaga - Travel in Egypt

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Safaga is also popular for Mons Claudianus. These striking ruins of a Roman settlement lie in the desert between the Nile and Red Sea. For above two centuries, i.e. from 68 AD to 282 AD, Mons Claudianus used the encompassing mountains for producing high quality columns as well as for constructing blocks of grey granite referred to as granodiorite for the only purpose of revamping imperial Rome. The best preserved and largest Roman site in the eastern desert, Mons Claudianus once served as a home to 1,000 soldiers and quarrymen. In recent times, visitors may still see remnants of dwellings, fortress, stables, workshops, baths, broken slabs and granite columns.


Safaga is also known by the name of Port Safaga and is located on the coast of the Red sea situated at a distance 53 km south of Hurghada. This small port is also considered for a tourist region that comprises of multiple rest houses and bungalows including the Safaga hotel with a capacity of forty eight rooms. Having innumerable phosphate mines, it is considered to be as the phosphates export center. A paved road of 101 miles connects this place to Qena of Upper Egypt.







To be more specific, Safaga is said to be a marine port connected by a routine cruise shuttle service line with Saudi Arabia and Jordan. The city is believed to be one amongst the significant therapeutic tourist centers as special medical researches have turned out to be the potential of alluring international tourism to Safaga. Safaga has a small and at the same time a flourishing tourism industry. The place also specializes in Scuba diving.
























This also served as a merchant port for several years and at present the town with its great azure bay, long sandy beaches as well as pretty islands has turned out to be favorite sports destination in the Red Sea Riviera. This place is particularly popular amongst Windsurfing and Kitesurfers. As mentioned earlier, this place served as the host to the Red Sea World Windsurfing Championships that was held at 1993. At a distance of 53 km south of Hurghada, the place acquires its remarkable character from both its port as well as the small surrounding village. A vacation in Safaga is essentially about sightseeing and water sports with little nightlife around, except for some great beach parties that have been organized by the native surfers and divers.


What makes Safaga all the more great is its black sand dune beaches…sun bathers are sure to love this place. The sea water is referred to as highly saline and contains rich source of minerals that are beneficial for the skin. Over and above, it is a well known curative destination in the Red Sea Riviera.


Safaga also serves as a home to some of the remarkable diving of the Red sea together with the bay’s chain reefs of Tobia Arbaa, and the imposing walls of Panorama as well as Abu Qifan towering reefs, where often big PELAGICS like tunas, sharks as well as mantas may be spotted.


The place is also believed to be a starting point for a day trip into the Eastern Desert to check out the granite quarries of Mons Claudianus , or may be to visit the sights of Luxor , one amongst the most imposing sights of Egypt, that is located at a mere distance of 220 km (137 miles).

Some of the Popular Hotels in Safaga are as follows-

Intercontinental Abu Soma

Menaville Resort

Holiday Inn Resort Safaga



Some of the Popular Cities that are located close to Safaga are as follows-

Sharm El Sheikh









Makadi Bay


The other well known tourists attractions include-

open-air museum

 The temples and tombs of Luxor

As a tourist end in and of itself, few sail passengers prefer staying in Safaga, unless they are really into windsurfing or diving.

With stable thermal winds blowing all year through, it's not astonishing that Safaga's claim to fame is hosting the 1993 World Windsurfing Championships. At the port, the best things that you can cherish forever are the rough desert cliffs that end right at the sea.
Safaga is also referred to as a port for ferries to and from Saudi Arabia, crossways the way.