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Sharm el Sheikh is a city that is located on the Southern part of the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt.  This region is located on the coastal strip of the Red Sea and it has a total population of about 35,000 people as recorded in the 2000 Census. This region is the administrative hub of the country’s South Sinai Governorate and it also includes the small coastal towns of Dahab and Nuweiba along with the interiors of the popular mountains of Saint Catherine’s Monastery and Mount Sinai.

Sharm el Sheikh is also sometimes referred to the “ City Of Peace” and it also refers to a large number of international peace conferences that have been held in this region. During the rule of Ottomon this place was called the Sharm- üş- Şeyh during the occupation by the Israelis between the years 1967 and 1987. The Egyptians shortened the name of this city to “Sharm”.

Sharm el sheikh is located on a promontory that overlooks the Straits of Tiran that is located at the mouth of the popular Gulf of Aqaba. This Gulf has a lot of strategic importance and this was the reason why it was transformed from a small fishing village into a major port cum navy base for the Egyptian Navy. This region was captured by Israel during the Sinai conflict of 1956 and it was restored back to Egypt in the year 1957. The UN kept a UN peacekeeping force there in 1967. There was a Six Day War when it was recaptured by Israel and it came under the Israeli control till the Sinai Peninsula was finally returned to Egypt in the year 1982 after a peace treaty was conducted between Israel and Egypt in the year 1979.





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In the next few years there was a hierarchical planning approach that was adopted for the Gulf Of Aqaba where the components were subdivided and evaluated in zones, centres and cities. The Gulf Of Aqaba zone was subsequently divided into four major cities and they were Taba, Nuweiba, Dahab and Sharm El Sheikh city. Sharm el Sheikh city has been divided into five homogeneous units and they are Nabq, Ras Nusrani, Naama Bay, Sharm El Maya and Umm Sid.

The Sinai Peninsula is also a remote desert mountainous area that has Rocky Mountains that are separated from the blue sea by a flat strip that is a desert. This combination of the desert and the sea makes an incredible sight for the visitor and once a person visits this place it seems that he/she is in heaven and on a different planet. It was only 40 years ago that this place was just a village with about 100 Bedouin citizens. When it was occupied by Israel in 1967 Sharm el Sheikh began to develop as a major and prominent tourist destination. The Israelis evacuated Sinai between the years 1979 and 1982 and after that there was the signing of the peace agreement between the two countries. The place has become a very prominent and leading tourist spot after this event and when one visits Egypt this region is a must see.

Sharm-el-Sheikh city is a region that combines Naama Bay, Hay el Nour, Montazah, Hadaba and Rowaysat and Shark’s Bay that form the metropolitan area. The area includes many tourism resorts, green and open areas, social services, roads, urban housing, social services, handcrafts and small industries etc.

Before the year 1967 Sharm el Sheikh was a commercial base for local fishermen in the area. The nearest permanent settlement is in the Nabk that is located in the north of Ras el Nasrani. The commercial development of the region also began during the presence of Israel in the region. The Israelis made the town of Ofrira that overlooks the Sharm el Maya Bay in the Nesima region. The first tourist oriented establishments of the area were located north of the 6km of the Naama Bay. This also included a marina hotel thjat is located on the southern side of the Bay and there is a nature field school that is located on the northern side. There are also diving clubs that is now a well-known promenade that is in the Naama Bay Hotel.

After the restoration of Sinai in Egypt in the year 1982, the Egyptian government embarked on an initiative to encourage the development of this city. Foreign investor’s sake who had discovered the potential of this locality during the occupation of Israel also contributed to the building projects that were being made. There are many environment zoning laws that are also currently limiting the height of the buildings in Sharm el Sheikh to avoid ruining the beauty of the surroundings there.

The region of Sharm el Sheikh is famous for both foreign and domestic tourism. There is year round temperate and dry climate with long stretches of lovely and natural beaches. The waters are clear and clam for most of the year. You have many various watersports and other recreational activities like snorkeling and scuba diving. There are some people that consider these recreational activities to be the best in the world here. There are also many coral reefs and marine and under water life that also offers tourists a spectacular and dazzling time for divers in the region.


The region can be reached by plane, air and bus. There are many travel companies that arrange for tours of this beautiful and memorable landscape. People can make regular visits to the Bedouins and the beautiful colored Canyon and they can also go beyond to the Mount Sinai. This place is ideal for adventure and the fun loving people can get many exciting activities here. There are private guides that take you around the place and at the same time they are ones that guide you through the mountain desert through a camel. Tourists can enjoy rides through the valley and they can also rest in the secret oasis where the scene is beautiful and exotic at the same time.