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The Suez Channel or Canal was built in the 19th century and it is the longest canal that connects the Red Sea along with the Mediterranean Sea in Egypt. It is the first man-made canal that was built in the region for the purpose of internal navigation. This canal was built in the year 1869 on the 17th of November. This canal was nationalized in the year 1956 on the 26th of July. This canal had to be closed for five times and the last time lasted for a span of 8 years. This canal was reopened in the year 1975 and today it is the longest canal in the world that has no locks. The Suez Canal is said to be one of the safest canals in the world because it does not have any records of accidents. The navigation is conducted both in the night and in the day. The canal has been designed in such a manner that it can be widened and deepened whenever required in order to cope with the expansion of the sizes of the ship that flow across through the canal.


The major advantage of this canal is that its geographical location makes it the shortest route to flow from East to West when compared to the Cape Of Good Hope. The route of the Canal also gets itself a benefit of saving distance between the ports that are located in the North and the South of the canal. The other saving factors of the Canal also include ship operating costs, time and fuel consumption.


The Canal was built as the Isthmus of Egypt was very narrow. The building of the canal was essential to many people in particular and there were many canals that also were built in order to address the problem. The problem with these canals was that they were all shallow waterways and they did not fulfill the main purpose for which they were built for. These Canals also took the advantage of the present rivers and the waterways that were in the Nile Delta and this led to the Nile rather than to the Mediterranean Sea. Today, the southern section of the Suez canal runs along the ancient routes that were laid down by the makers of those canals.

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Suez Channel - Travel in Egypt

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There were certain inscriptions that were written on the tomb of Weni The Elder that lived in the 6th Century. These inscriptions gave us the reasons on why the above canals had to be built. They were mostly built for the purpose of transporting monument stone and war ships. There are some Scholars that still debate on the issue on whether the above canals were built with the sole intention of transportation from the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea as a canal was supposedly made by Thutmose III in the year 1500 BCE.

There were other inscriptions that were found in the reign of Rameses II that he had completed a canal that led from the River Nile to the Red Sea via the Wadi Tumilat and the Bitter Lakes. This lake must have been covered by silt because years later Nekhau II began and later abandoned its re-excavation.