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The remarkable geographical location of Taba between Asia and Africa at the head of the Gulf of Aqaba facing Arabia made it a stopover on the caravan way from the 14th century onwards. The last section of Sinai that was handed back to Egypt by Israel in the year 1989 has now turned out to be a Frontier post. To be more specific, Taba has now turned out to be a favorite destination for Israelis as well as tourists from around the world since the inauguration of the international airport 45 km away.

Taba heights are located at a distance of 19 km from the south of Taba. It is an increasingly expanding seaside resort that is prized by the large international hotel chains for its remarkable coral reefs as well as beaches. To be more specific, it is a breathtaking year round resort that is ideally located in one amongst the most beautiful spots of Sinai Peninsula of Egypt.

Apart from the conventional activities of golf or tennis, the hotels offer a variety of water sports so that visitors may make the most of what the Red Sea has to provide- water skiing, windsurfing, fishing, sea trips, sailing, and sea kayaking. There are a variety of things that you can see on the seabed make it important to go equipped with a mask. Multiple creatures as well as the chance for observing endemic species like the toadfish and the well preserved state of the reefs are believed to be some of the best benefits of this region.






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Taba - Travel in Egypt

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Innumerable diving clubs provide courses as well as daily outings. Instructors take divers to the most appropriate sites to dive in total safety. You will have to devote as much as one and a half hours or may be even less for the outings. The diving sites are known for their sandy seabed dotted with coral outcrops as well as contain a rich selection of marine life from dolphins to seahorses. The nonattendance of currents makes these sites well suited for beginners and fulfills the highest expectations of divers and photographers of all levels. Amongst the best known sites are the Fjord with its good topography, the Aquarium as well as its variety of species. If you are one of those who considers boats to be a nuisance, then you can go in for dive sites that are teemed up with marine life are accessible from shore like Marina Bay and House Reef, only two minutes away in a 4x4.


Beyond the Taba heights hotel complexes lie different Bedouin encampments. The Sinai desert belongs to the people who carry on the age old nomadic conventions of rearing trade and livestock. Nearly 70,000 Bedouins were divided into thirty tribes. Initially they did face immense trouble with no provision for

Beyond the Taba Heights hotel complexes lie numerous Bedouin encampments. The Sinai desert belongs to this people who carry on the centuries-old nomadic traditions of rearing livestock and trade. Around divided into thirty tribes live here as they have done telephone, electricity, running water, television and this continued for thousands of years. Then you will find the Muslims who prefer speaking in Arabic and may be at times in Hebrew. Often, you will also find them conversing in English that they have learned from tourists. The Bedouins are referred to as multi-faceted soul of this desert world between the wadis as well as the high plateaus.


The Island of the Pharaoh is located at a distance of 5 km southeast of Taba. Only 250 m from the coast lies a small granite island encompassed by coral as well as dominated by the remarkable Salah el-Din fortress, constructed by Crusaders in the 12th century as well as recently restored by the Council of Egyptian Antiquities. The island referred to as Faraum is said to be a strategic site towards the 12th century for Caliph Saladin who used it as a base for soldiers.


Next in the queue is the colored canyon that is located at a distance of 70 km southwest of Taba. The canyon affords a remarkable two hour excursion via a maze of sandstone rocks in hues of yellow, mauve, pink and ochre shading to blue and green. The route via this stunning landscape follows dried up riverbeds. The uneven forms as well as the height of the rocks at times make climbing essential. Rock erosion and fossils show that the canyon was once under the sea. The silence of the stones speaks louder here when compared to any where else. With its five star hotels, Taba has turned out to be a meeting of borders. It overlooks Israel, Jordan as well as Saudi Arabia has important plans for this region as a tourism center. It presently has good beach cafes and restaurants and you can cross the border on foot with bus service into Eilat.


Taba heights is considered to be a new beach resort community that when completed will provide different activities. As Taba existed only in the form of a small Bedouin village, there was never any authentic transportation infrastructure. The Al Nakb airport is located on the Sinai plateau some 35 km from Taba and was upgraded as well as renamed as the Taba International airport. Presently, it manages half a dozen charter flights in a week from the UK and weekly charter flights from Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, France, Ukraine as well as the Czech republic. There are innumerable tourists who enter through the Taba border crossing from Eilat, Israel as well as a marina has been constructed in the new Taba heights development at a distance of 20 km from the south of Taba and is known for its sailing to Aqaba in Jordan on a frequent basis.


The Taba border crossing is referred to as an international border crossing between Taba, Egypt as well as Eilat, Israel. The airport was inaugurated on 26th April, 1982 and is presently the only exit and entry point between two countries.