What Clothes To Wear While Visiting Egypt?

By Susan Hart

If you have long planned a dream vacation to that glorious land of Egypt, and know that you'll  be exploring as much as you can about both ancient and modern times, then what to wear in Egypt may be very much on your mind.  How much to take and what type of clothing to use needs strategy.  There is no need to pack a whole lot -- you don't want to have to carry or pull a huge suitcase through the airport or to your hotel.  Pack the right pieces for your travel to Egypt and you will be stress free and comfortable while you explore the sights and sounds.

There are many things to do in Egypt so allow plenty of time.  The country is a conservative one and that should factor into your decision when planning your wardrobe and packing your luggage.  Think about the climate, too.  While the Northern part of the country can be chilly in January, February and March -- the country on the whole is semi-desert, and you can count on it being very hot a lot of the time.  As with most deserts, the difference between day and night temperatures may vary widely.  A dry and hot wind can blow during March and April.  The sky often turns red and it's not wise to be outside.  Early in the morning or at sunset may be the best times for dressing comfortably, and it's also the very best time for sightseeing or just standing out on your hotel balcony looking at life and the Nile flow past you.


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What Clothes To Wear While Visiting Egypt?

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When you travel to Egypt, think about cotton for most of your clothing items, and as the primary focus of what to wear while in Egypt.  You need items of clothing that breathe and synthetics just don't work.  In the Summer, loose cotton clothing provides a degree of comfort like nothing else, and loose clothing can also provide the modesty that's needed in this country.  In the Winter you can layer clothing and still, natural fabrics work the best.  Bedouin people wear loose flowing robes and they've had centuries of practice at it.  Be sure and cover your head and neck and take plenty of strong sunscreen also.  Layering clothing while you are visiting Egypt allows the air to circulate around your body and that draws the heat away. 

Because there are so many wonderful things to see in Egypt, you may be doing  a lot of walking.  Take a couple of pairs of comfortable shoes for strolling around cobbled streets and uneven temple floors, and wear a hat if you can.  Do travel light and be sure and take sunglasses or adjustable lens eyeglasses, if you wear a prescription pair.  There will be plenty of laundry facilities at your hotel.  Check with the concierge and probably all you need to do is place your laundry outside of your room at night, then pick up the clean clothing in the morning.  Different hotels have different arrangements, but this means that you will be able to pack light and enjoy yourself, no matter how long your trip to Egypt lasts.