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Zaafarna is a very beautiful town that is located in the region of Al Bahr Al Ahmar in Egypt. This region is situated on the Coast that is between Caira and Hurghada that is just 100 miles from each other. There have been many efforts that have been made by the Egyptian Governments in the recent years to promote tourism in both the places. The government is projecting the region as a diving destination and it is one that also promises marine life. Tourists from all over the world who are qualified divers have the advantage to come to this prominent destination for diving. This place has premier diving destinations that divers all over the world can access. There are many off shore wrecks that the region has and tourists also have the advantage of getting small boats here.

Many tourists that come to Egypt often need to pass through the nearby monasteries that are located at St Anthony’s and St Paul. Divers ranging from beginners and freestylers have the advantage of diving with strong winds and both a huge and shallow flat water zone. The region is ideal for learning and improving freestyle tricks. There are beach and lagoon areas where the beach is long and sandy. The beach is also a great place for both kite and windsurfing that caters to all levels. There are a number of small and medium hotels that are located in the region for tourists to stay in. There are cafes and bars where the tourists can also rejuvenate and rest too. The region is also famous for kitesurfing as the winds are of great speed here. Both learners and advanced divers have the advantage of both kite surfing and wind surfing in these places. Many tourists that visit Egypt come to this region every year and the number of resorts and restaurants are increasing with every passing day.

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The region also has a palace called the Zaafaran Palace that is one of the most important royal palaces in the region. There is now a university that is located in the premises of the Zaafaran Palace that was built during the regime of Khedive Ismail. The Palace was also named after the area because it was famous for Saffron plantations as Zaafaran in Arabic means Saffron. The palace was previously used to host the administration offices of the Egyptian Universities when it was made in 1925. This was also used by the ministry of foreign affairs that was known for accommodating important visitors. The palace was also the main witness to the signing of the Treaty between Egypt and Great Britain in 1936. In the year 1952 it was also used as the administrative headquarters of the Ain Shams University. This palace is also famous for the birth of King Faruk as it is said that he was born in this palace. This palace is a place that is widely visited by tourists that come to Egypt. It is famous for its history and its beauty.