The oasis of the Egyptian desert


The oasis of Egypt are in the eastern part of Egypt in the middle of the Libyan Desert. This territory covers more than two-thirds of Egypt. Most travelers coming to Egypt want to discover these regions and landscapes. Safari, trekking adventure or just a day, travelers are still bewitched by the charms of the white desert, or the landscape of Bedouin towns.


Oasis El Fayoum: The Fayum Oasis is an oasis because it is a waterway dug in the river Bahr Yusuf. Travelers say that this beautiful region of Egypt is a true paradise on earth, the garden of Egypt. The Fayoum is located less than an hour from Cairo and it is a great adventure to begin your trip to Egypt. It is important not to miss the lake Qarun (resort perfect for the inhabitants of Cairo). For those with more time, you will not miss a quick dip in Lake Wadi Rayan. The main city of this beautiful region of Egypt called Medinet El Fayoum. This city of over 2 million inhabitants is the starting point for exploring the fertile region El Fayoum.


Oasis Bakharia (Baharya-Bakharya): The oasis is located just under 400 km from Cairo, capital of Egypt. This area very pretty and very particular account over 30habitants. It is the nearest oasis in the Egyptian capital. For many travelers to the popular area of white desert, it is the ideal starting point for your safari. Isolated from the outside world for decades, the oasis of Bakharya opens to the outside world with tranquility. Those of you who have no chance of hitting the road between Bakharya and the oasis Farafra discover the most beautiful landscapes in the country.

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The white desert rock formations that travelers from around the world come admired were carved by wind and sand since the dawn of time. Travelers like to venture out and discover the faces and forms as extraordinary as sympathetic. An adventure in this region will give you the sensation of having arrived on another planet, a place where the environment arride gives an impression of great freedom. Training almost lunar invite you to photograph them. Landscapes expectionnels!


The Farafra Oasis: This lovely little oasis is mainly populated by Bedouins (about 3000 inhabitants). The most isolated oasis of Egypt is also the starting point for many excursions into the white desert (located only 20km from Farafra Oasis). Overcrowding on the Nile Valley has forced the Egyptian government to encourage strongly the emmigration near the oasis of Farafra. 5 villages are now present in this beautiful region of Egypt. Farafra's economy is based on tourism and the cultivation of olives, fruits, rice and wheat.


Dakhla Oasis: This oasis of 75 habitants consists of a mix of both elegant and simple fields of palm trees, hot springs (the main attraction of this oasis), cemeteries and prehistoric fortress dating from centuries. Do not miss the citadel of El Qasr located 27km from the village Main. To know more about Dakhla Oasis


Kharga Oasis: Also located in the middle of the Libyan Desert, Kharga Oasis is nearly 185km long and 30km wide. This oasis has an enchanting charm. For lovers of photography, we recommend to go, to the promontory of Nadoura.