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The political instability of this part of the world (Middle-East) and the increasing tension between Israel and his neighbours make travelers think that Egypt is an unsafe country. Most of us have heard about the sad event of Luxor (1997) and Cairo (1999) where many tourists were killed by some obscures terrorist groups of Egypt. The perception of Egypt is sometimes very bad and we easily think that it’s still dangerous to travel there. But what is the reality now in 2012 after the revolution that take place in all Egypt? This section is dedicated to secrity of travel coming to Egypt. You may find all the informations that can help you organising a secure and safe trip to a Egypt.

More advise about security in Egypt?

Terrorism in Egypt: Are the traveler in danger? Is there a real threat against traveler? Is there any nationality more in danger?

Robbery during your trip to Egypt: Is Egypt a safe country? How do pickpocket works in Egypt? Is there any special place to be a target of robbers?

Woman travelling alone in Egypt: Is Egypt a safe place for woman travelling alone? Is it possible for a independent woman to travel in all area of Egypt? Are there any advices woman should know before going to Egypt?

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