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Terrorism in Egypt—Threat for travelers?

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Terrorism in Egypt: Since many years, a great effort has been done by the Egyptian government to stop terrorists and terrorism in the country. Most of the economy is based on tourism and the tragedy of 1997 (Luxor) let the country in a very critical situation for months (almost years).


The situation and the security for travelers visiting Egypt is much much better now. You can travel safely now especially if you are part of a guided tour and guided by our professional guides. Don’t be surprise when seeing so many gunman and policeman around. They are there to insure the security of the state of Egypt and travelers.


In the south of Egypt there have been no attack since 1997 against tourists and the area seems quite secure. A big effort has been done by the government in order to remove any threat.


Even if the risk of terrorists attack is very small in 2012 (almost none), some nations are more at risk such as American, English and isrealians nationals.

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