White Desert - Lybian desert of Egypt

The White Desert

The White Desert is located in the Western part of Egypt and it is a desert that is totally white in color. This desert is a popular visiting spot by tourists all over the world as it is in sharp contrast to the yellow desert that is normally visited by people. These spot needs to be visited in order to believe that the desert is actually totally white in color. This region is famous for night and other unorganized trips that are conducted on a regular basis. There are many tourists that stay overnight in these deserts and the desert is best viewed at sunset and sunrise. This desert also looks its best on a full moon and it gives the area an eerie kind of Arctic kind of appearance. The two regions look the same and the only difference is that of the temperature. There are also other times when this white desert is worth viewing and it is when the white sand turns pink and orange in the day.

The white desert is a vast land that borders the Baharia Oasis in the North and the Al-Farafra in the south. It is located about 45km to the north of Farafra where the White Desert starts. When people travel to Africa the White Desert is an attraction that should never be missed for its unique charm and beauty.

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The White Desert is a very popular tourist spot that is known for its unusual and dramatic rock formations. There are some rare formations like a wired rock balancing on the top of a white pillar. This white desert is actually made of chalk and many geologists have laid down the fact that it has been exposed to differential weathering. There is also the erosion of the soft particles that also results in eerie protrusions of rock that is very hard. These particles are like mushrooms that were made of rock formations that were ten to fifteen feet tall. They had limestone bases that had been worn away by the mixture of sand and wind. They were also blown away by high speeds for many years and they defied the law of gravity to form huge rocks that now stand atop very narrow bases. They look like they are about to crack at any time and this makes them a wonderful sight. This is the reason why this area is considered to be a very popular tourist place.

The unique weather in the region explains why these forms are so beautiful and this is also the reason why they are shaped like domes, castles, towers and other beautiful forms. The best time to visit the region is between the months of October and March. It is worth travelling to this area to explore the number of springs that are found in the surrounding area that also have many plants that are around them. This area has no sort of amenities and settlements here however there are tour organizers that ensure overnight stays in the area without hassles and other difficulties.